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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

GC2012- Tuesday, July 10, 2012

This day began in much the same manner as all prior days, however without the usual 7:30am committee meeting.  Celebration of the Holy Eucharist began at 9:30am and, once again, blessed us one and all with music that fed the soul and brightened the beginning of our day.  The sermon encouraged us to not be fearful but trust in the Lord.   

Such an admonishment is not only fitting for all of us each and every day but is particularly helpful for those of us at General Convention as we grow increasingly weary given the rigorous daily schedule and feel the press of getting our business completed before we adjourn at 6:30pm two days hence.

Our schedule today focused largely on the Episcopal Church's continuing response to the proposed Anglican Covenant; the election of the President of the House of Deputies (The Rev. Gay Clark Jennings, Diocese of Ohio) for the next triennium; the 2013-15 budget; the restructuring of the governance of TEC; and the authorizing of Liturgical Sources for Blessings Same Gender Relationships.

The work of General Convention continues to fascinate this observer.  Despite the accumulation of far more resolutions than the legislative committees, the House of Deputies, and the House of Bishops can possibly address effectively within the time we are prepared to offer, or can afford, we continue to go about the church's business with a tone of civility not witnessed elsewhere in our society.  Our work together is surely a witness to God's mercy and grace as well as his/her sense of humor.

This marks my 5th General Convention as a deputy from our diocese and my remarks about this, the 6th day of our gathering, would be incomplete without my extending my heartfelt thanks to the diocese for allowing me the distinct opportunity to witness, and participate in, the unique governance of the Episcopal Church.  Each and every day is made more joyful by the presence of the other members of the deputation and the ECW representatives from our diocese.

Thanks be to God.

Cliff Craig
St. Andrew's, Amarillo
Lay Deputy

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  1. Thank you again,Cliff, for your service on our behalf.