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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

GC2012- Monday, July 9, 2012

Today was the busiest day of legislation so far.  We were all bleary-eyed by 6:30 p.m.
More than one of us was caught nodding off as we listened to amendments to the amendments of already amended resolutions. Several important resolutions were brought to the HOD today, all of which passed:  
  • D002 allows ALL persons access to the discernment process for any ministry of the Episcopal Church (in accordance with the Canons). 
  • DA050 will establish a Task Force on the Study of Marriage to identify and explore the biblical, theological, historical, liturgical and canonical dimensions of marriage.  This study will take into consideration same-sex unions.  
  • B019 and C060 challenges the Episcopal Church to support the Diocese of Jerusalem and to implement a strategy of advocacy and education in the church during the next triennium to further a just resolution of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.
Our morning Eucharist was most definitely a "sweet hour of prayer", the highlight of my day.  Today the church commemorated Samson Occum, first ordained Native American minister.  The Rev. Dr. Mary Crist, also known as Eagle Woman in the Blackfoot nation, preached this morning. We heard how a new church can be started with no congregation, no building, no budget....but a lot of faith in the power of the Holy inspiring story of love, acceptance, and community building. Her inspiring sermon may be read at

The Red Leaf Singers (South Dakota Sioux) sang and drummed the "prelude".  

Lessons were read in Shoshone, Dine', and Lakota.  A Native American deacon served at the altar, a young woman played the Native American flute during communion, and other youth signed the Lord's Prayer in Native American sign language.  

There were other superb musical offerings:  The bishops' spouses sang the offertory anthem.  And there was a hammer dulcimer, pslatery and guitar playing American folk hymns. 

We are all enjoying ourselves, making it to meetings on time, buying books and gifts in the exhibit hall, and reconnecting with friends from all over the Episcopal Church.  What a great experience!

The Rev. Linda Kelly with Karon Bonnell, deputy from St. Matthew's, Pampa.

Linda Kelly
St. Matthew's, Pampa
Clergy Deputy

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