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Friday, July 6, 2012

GC2012- Friday, July 6, 2012

In Robert Altman's film M.A.S.H., a character asked one of the doctors, "How did a person like you get in a position of authority in the United States Army?"   The doctor replied, "I was drafted."

That pretty much sums up how I ended up as a Deputy to General Convention!   I was called upon at the last minute to fill in for an elected Deputy who was not able to attend. 

Even though I have been a priest for many years, this is my first experience of General Convention and I have spent most of these first few days bumbling around, bumping into walls.  It has been just today that I feel as though I am getting a sense of the rhythm of the event.  There turns out to be a flow to the way the days are structured with which everyone, including myself, is beginning to get in touch.

Nothing terribly important or exciting has happened as yet.  Our senior deputy told me that, as a rule,  it's really too early expect that.  But I can report that I have a sense that the ship called General Convention feels as though it has caught the tide and is heading for blue water.

Dennis Bosley
All Saints', Colorado City
St. Stephen's, Sweetwater
Clergy Deputy

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  1. Dennis: Thanks for being first up. We posted your picture and the webcite to St. B's Facebook page . We also posted a link to Sunday's legislation and mentioned 2 resolutions of interest...A011 and A070. Should you decide to post a follow-up comment, let us know if there's legislation which has caught your eye and made ya glad to support some action of General Convention!