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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Meet our Deputation

Our deputation is geared up and ready for Convention 2012! They met Friday, June 8 at the Hulsey Center to discuss the plethora of resolutions and the various issues to be presented at this year's Convention. After a long day of sharing information and impressions they all felt better prepared for this important event.

The deputation greeted two newly appointed members of the deputation, both replacements for elected deputies who, sadly, have resigned for personal reasons. The Rev. Linda Kelly, formerly the clergy alternate, will replace the Rev. Pat Russell, and the Rev. Dennis Bosley will replace Deacon Todd Baxley. The Rev. Edson Wey will attend as the new clergy alternate.

Be sure to watch for more news and reflections from the deputation, beginning with the first official post on July 3 by lay deputy Jackie Batjer of Church of the Heavenly Rest in Abilene. Jackie is our true expert at General Convention as the deputy from our Diocese with the most experience as a Convention go-er. Jackie has attended 11 total conventions as either a visitor, a lay deputy, or ECW delegate. She has been a dedicated and valuable attendee!

Pictured above in their official deputation photo are, from left to right:

Back row- The Rev. Dennis Bosley, of St. Stephen's, Sweetwater, and All Saints', Colorado City; The Rev. Edson Wey- Clergy Alternate of St. Christopher's, Lubbock; and Nancy McReynolds, of St. Christopher's, Lubbock.

Middle row- The Rev. James Liggett- chair of the deputation, of St. Nicholas', Midland; The Rev. Linda Kelly of St. Matthew's, Pampa; and Nancy Igo of St. Paul's, Lubbock.

Front row- The Rev. Robert Taliaferro of St. Peter's, Amarillo; Jackie Batjer of Church of the Heavenly Rest, Abilene; Cliff Craig of St. Andrew's, Amarillo; and Richard Davis- Lay Alternate of St. Andrew's, Amarillo.

Please include our deputation in your daily prayers for safe travel and a successful General Convention.